Now Offering Kuranda Dog Beds to Guests

In our continued quest to make your dog’s stay as comfortable as possible, we decided to experiment with the use of Kuranda Dog Beds.  The beds come in a variety of sizes and materials to suit every dogs’ temperament from gentle to destructive.  We have found that even under our extreme conditions, even the least expensive option has withstood wear very well.  Just look at that smile on Dody’s face, and you can see how happy the dogs are about it!!  Kuranda has also offered to extend a 10% discount to our clients as well!!  Simply use the following link to order:

Here is what Kuranda has to say about their beds:

“Kuranda dog beds are far and away superior to the other beds that are on the market. Other beds, such as pillow beds don’t last; they collect dirt and odors, they’re tough to clean, they aren’t designed with the health and support your dog needs in mind, and they are more like giant chew toys. Chew proof in its self is enough but when you take into consideration all the other aspects of Kuranda beds that make them the best, there is no question why they stand alone.

Kuranda dog beds are strong, sturdy, and supportive. Whether your bed is for indoor or outdoor use, these beds will handle just about anything. The fabric options allow for you to customize the perfect bed just for your dog.

The orthopedic support of a Kuranda bed provides dogs with firm and even bedding that is not just comfortable, but will keep your dog structurally sound.

Kuranda beds are raised off the ground, reducing the chances of calluses forming on your dog’s elbows. The raised feature will also allow for air circulation, which prevents temperature transference from the ground, helping to provide a healthy and comfortable refuge for years to come.

Kuranda dog beds will go above and beyond to exceed your expectations, the way your dog does every day. Why not reward your dogs with the same love and care they provide you. In all, Kuranda beds are the healthy alternative that is recommended by professionals, farmers, and families.”

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